Academic Achievements

In 2022 Pelech was nominated for the National Education Award on behalf of the Jerusalem district

In 2020, our students were in third place nationally in receiving a high-quality matriculation certificate.

In addition, they came in seventh place nationally in matriculation grades in mathematics, and ninth place nationally in English.

Pelech is continually one of the highest achieving schools nationally.

Achievement in Math and Science

In 2020, the Pelech students represented Jerusalem in the 4th International Science and Mathematics Olympiad held in Moscow. The students participated in competitions in physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and mathematics. The Pelech delegation was the only female delegation in the competition and achieved impressive results.
Zimrat Kaniel won a bronze medal in the Olympiad in the field of mathematics.

Activity and leadership in the Jerusalem youth council

Pelech students are involved in the municipal activities of the Youth Council.

Shiral Cohen and Avital Fredman held the position in the years 2020 and 2021

In 2022, Avigail Tsruya was elected to the position of chairwoman of the municipal youth council.

In addition, students from grades 10-12 are active representatives of the council.

Social Action

12th grade students in Pelech are recognized and recieve significant awards every year from the Ministry of Education and the local authority for initiatives and actions in the field of social involvement. These are some of the projects that have been recognized in recent years:

In 2022 Oriya Rahami won the Elad Riven prize for an outstanding volunteer youth and Amit Haim received the district award for establishing the organization “Pesek Zman” which helps children in where one of the family members is hospitalized for an extended period.

In the year 2021, Roni Weiss won the district award for her activity as a volunteer and leader in food distribution and conversation projects for the elderly and a project of creating learning spaces for young children.

Yuval Appelbaum and Hadar Baruchi received recognition for social initiatives during the Corona period. They held activities for children and babysitting services at a reduced price during the first lockdown to make it easier for working parents and led a group of over four hundred volunteers around the city.

In 2020, Ofri Feldman received the District Outstanding Activist award for establishing the “Just Want to Dance” association that runs dance classes for at-risk girls.