Emunah. Educate. Engage
Pelech is a religious school for girls in Jerusalem. Pelech seeks to educate its students towards a love and understanding of Torah and Mitzvot through the broadest curriculum integrating high level Jewish and general studies with educational innovation, intellectual challenge, critical thinking, individual creativity and social commitment.

Learning Spaces

Learning environment is an important component in our educational philosophy. Our space is encouraging learning, activities and gives a place for social breaks.

Learning Subjects

We have a wide variety of majors and fields of study, so every student can find her own place and pace.


Social Action

Activity and leadership in the Jerusalem youth council

Achievement in Math and Science

Extracurricular activities

As an integral part of our education and our school’s social structure, we encourage various extracurricular activities, including exhibitions, shows, volunteering, and more.

What does it feel like to learn in Pelech?

Is the schedule long? Will I have time for hobbies? What does it mean to be a feminist school? Pelech is a unique school, but let our students tell you all about it.

Supporting future generations

Our school is non-profit, and our activity is running thanks to the generosity of our friends and partners that share values and educational philosophy. Your support will give us the means to continue giving our students excellent education and encourage creativity, leadership and social responsibilty.

our student community

we love staying in touch – face-to-face or in social media! come and support us on social networks and stay updated on coming events.

our Alumni community

Pelech’s alumni community includes leading, innovative, active women, who share values and opinions. We would love to hear about you, where you are and keep in touch with you.