Learning Spaces

In 2022, after a two year renovation project, Pelech students returned to a renewed school on Yehuda 31 street.

The design process of each area in the building was done with special attention to every detail in the means of offering students and teachers an optimal learning experience, in addition to the classrooms.

The Library

The Pelech library is the heart of the school. It’s a place for learning, relaxing and working quietly.

Two librarians help students with research and finding sources as part of learning assignments in all grades. They maintain a wide variety of high level and relevant resources as well as producing art exhibits.

A large open space with tables, computers and wifi are accompanied by small classrooms for quiet study groups and tutoring sessions.

Shalvi Room for the Humanities

Alongside the main library, the Shalvi room, named in honor of Prof. Alice Shalvi, is designed with a round table for classes and seminars of up to 25 students. The room holds book collections in philosophy and Jewish text and hosts Dvash, Pelech’s Beit Midrash program.

The Arts room

The Arts room is part of the ground level of the school and has a Studio for movement and dance, a large space for learning and creating art and a art gallery for the students creations.

The arts program begins in the 7th grade and students are introduced to the wide array of art forms – painting, ceramics, dance, theater and more. The art room is open to students during class but also available to girls who want to work on their personal or school projects in their free time.

Science Labs

Pelech has science labs for physics, chemistry and biology as well as a computer science lab. Each lab is equipped with high end technology and a professional Laboratory Manager.