As part of their Arabic studies, students learn the written and spoken Arabic communication language as spoken on Arabic television. In addition, they learn the basics of the religion of Islam, the religion that more than a billion people believe in.

At the end of the twelfth grade, the students take the matriculation exam at the level of 5 units.


The study prepares the students to read newspaper articles and various publications on the Arab street [advertisements, announcements, etc.], listen to the news, converse in Arabic and gain a better understanding of Arab-Muslim culture.


The students read pieces of original literature such as the writer Nagib Mahfuz from Egypt. In addition to this, they study several chapters of the Koran [“suras”].

The girls study 6 hours a week  in 11th grade and 12th grade. In 11th grade there is a personal project for the students instead of a matriculation test.

Arabic studies can train the girls for challenging, unique and needed service within the Intelligence Corps and their knowledge gained can be useful in many professions in the future.