Art and Art History

The Arts major at Pelech encourages students to develop their own artistic voice through theory and practice. Students are encouraged to experiment with ideas and materials and acquire skills to create artwork in plastic and visual arts.

Students also gain a thorough foundation in theory and art history and develop the ability of critical thinking and viewing.

The curriculum focuses on cultural, social and philosophical issues related to modern, post-modern and contemporary and students learn art as a medium through which to decipher ideas and convey them. 

Through viewing art, learning theory and participating in studio work the students deal with social criticism, the relationship between the artist and his or her surroundings, identity and culture and much more. 

The art studio is a space for students to explore thoughts and ideas through art and gain practical knowledge in painting, sketching, sculpting, photography and video art. Outside of the studio, the art program includes visits to museums, meetings with artists and outdoor workshops. 

Who is the Arts major for? 

The major is for any student who loves and is interested in art and seeks a place to express herself in a personal and creative way. There is no need for previous experience, we believe that in every student lies the talent and ability to create in a meaningful way. 


The 12th-grade student presents a final project, a personal work that reflects her experience in the workshop. Within it, the student will express visual thinking, an idea, a topic, and a message through visual means, media, material, and technique, all according to the student’s personal choice. Submitting the project includes submitting a position paper and a portfolio summarizing the work done during the workshop.

The grade in the workshop will be 30 percent of the student’s final grade in matriculation.

In the theoretical part, there will be a summative exam at the end of the 12th grade that will also include a practical-creative component of a tribute to the artist and a curation project.

Load distribution

In the 11th grade, the girls will complete work in the workshop and theoretical study, but the main load is in the 12th grade, in preparation for the submission of the final project. The load starts to be felt near the month of Tevet and Pesach.

The experience in the workshop will help the female students to form a portfolio of work which they will be able to present in the entrance exams to art schools and the architecture departments at the Technion and Tel Aviv University, also the workshop studies will allow them to pass the entrance exams in these places which include a registration exam and a creative task.