Computer Science

Computer science is a developing science and is currently a broad umbrella for a wide variety of technologies that exist today.

One of the significant fields in computer science focuses on the research and development of algorithms, that is, the development of processes for solving problems that can be automatic and therefore can also be solved by a computer.

The major opens a window to this fascinating world.

The nature of the studies in the major and their content develop logical, mature and creative thinking in the students.

Who is the major for?

The major is designed for students with the ability to think abstractly (4-5 credits in mathematics), female students who are not afraid of challenges and who like to find creative solutions to problems. Designed for hardworking students with the ability to perform tasks independently. Prior knowledge from the 10th grade is required. A serious and motivated student, who is willing to complete the missing material, will be able to be accepted (there are successful precedents for this).


What is required of the student during studies?

Attendance, practice in a computer lab in pairs and individually, submitting assignments and passing tests.

In the twelfth grade, the student approaches a theoretical matriculation, which examines all the knowledge and tools she acquired in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. The student also submits a project, which is a laboratory unit on databases and information systems.

The score is composed as follows:

70% – external – theoretical matriculation. For all the material studied in grades 10, 11, 12.

30% – internal matriculation – the project


Load distribution between 11th and 12th grade

11th grade – in-depth study of self-directed programming. (which constitutes 50% of the content of the external matriculation)

12th grade – in-depth study of data structure and advanced object-oriented programming and also study for a database and information systems project.

Unique characteristics of the major

Most of the classes are in the computer lab. After the explanation, the students receive a task and must find a solution to the task and implement it in the programming language. The task can be done in pairs or individually.


What will the student know at the end of the studies?

The student will have extensive understanding and experience in object-oriented programming in the Java programming language. This in-depth knowledge will greatly contribute and facilitate her further academic studies in the fields of computer science, software engineering, and industrial engineering and management in which today students are required to learn programming for their future integration in the high-tech world. The student can easily learn any other programming language and develop her own software and applications