Enhanced Tanach Studies

The purpose of the increased curriculum is to strengthen and deepen the girls’ tools for simple analysis, reading commentary and biblical research, in order to train them as independent and skilled learners when they finish school.

During the studies, the girls are exposed to a number of fundamental broad topics in the Bible, in accordance with the new program developed by the Ministry of Education. A significant part of the study is a program unique to the school called “Dorshot Tanach” – one of the flagship programs at Pelech.

As part of the program, each student chooses a biblical topic close to her heart, studies it in depth and writes a careful research paper on it. As a continuation of the writing of the paper, each student chooses to express a certain aspect of the subject she has researched in an artistic way. The students choose a field of art (plastic art, drama, movement, music, creative writing), and under professional guidance create a personal artistic expression for the angle they chose to develop. This program is a special experience and an extraordinary opportunity to combine in-depth research with a personal and emotional connection to studying the Bible.