As part of the studies in the major, we will get to know a variety of works from Hebrew literature and world literature, written in different periods, in different places and in different genres. As part of the studies in the major, we will establish the familiarity and awareness of different ways of design in literature, we will sharpen the ability to listen to the text and identify in it an overt and hidden meaning, and we will develop the ability to independently analyze texts. We will also devote time to reading articles, to a comparative study of different translations and/or film adaptations, and to developing the ability to express yourself orally and in writing.

The enhanced program is built around deepening in 3 different subjects, according to the teacher’s choice. Example topics: women and femininity, children and childhood in literature, relationships and love, holocaust, etc.

The classes in the major are conducted in an intimate atmosphere, in small discussion groups led by a teacher, independent work and work in pairs.

The learning in small groups over a period of two years creates intimacy between the students of the major and the teacher, and enables meaningful learning and a real and in-depth discussion on values, personal, social and national issues, with exposure to cultural breadth and general education. During the year the group learns to read works while learning about themselves as individuals and as a group.

Learning in the major is enriched by meetings with guest lecturers and going out together to literary evenings and/or plays.