Movement studies and body awareness are based on the concept that it is very important to know the body and its knowledge. The field emphasizes learning diverse ways to develop and perfect physical ability based on understanding and body-awareness.

In class, we work from an approach of understanding that each body has personal, physical and mental characteristics that have a connection and mutual relationship between them, and that the students benefit from learning and adapting to them.


The program includes the 2 weekly hours required by the Ministry of Education. In the lessons, the students experience gentle, conscious non competitive or judgemental physical activity. The learning is done at a personal and moderate pace, and is adapted as needed to the character of the participants, for example, in the level of creativity required compared to simple movement practice.

In the classes, emphasis is placed both on studying and becoming aware of the body, building a balanced and correct posture, flexibility, coordination, expression, as well as on experiences and learning skills to release and deal with stress and pressure. All this in order to create peaceful relations – between us and between our bodies and with the thought that this is of great physical and mental importance in general and during puberty in particular.

The final project for matriculation takes place at the end of the 12th grade and is usually an experiment in combining work in movement with the guidance of the teacher and the students. It is a personal and group process at the same time, in which the students experience cooperation and mutual support.