Physical Education

“When his body is sick, his soul also weakens and he cannot pray properly – even though he is free of transgressions. Therefore, a person must always keep his body healthy” (The Baal Shem Tov)


Physical education is a compulsory subject and includes 2 credits in matriculation. The student who chooses this subject must obtain a passing grade (55) otherwise she does not receive a matriculation certificate.

The goals of the studies up to the 12th grade are as follows: improving physical ability, acquiring theoretical knowledge, providing tools and methods for leisure time activities and providing tools for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Over the years, various sports are studied, some of which are known and some less so (such as: volleyball, basketball, athletics, coordination and physical fitness).

In phys-ed the grade  is determined according to several parameters:

50% – general assessment: attendance in classes, active participation, outfit, tardiness, maximizing personal potential.

10% – theory test – on material studied during the year

20% – the fitness test

20% – a unique portion determined for each year (detailed at the beginning of the year for each grade)

Also, a 5% bonus in the score is given to girls who regularly play sports outside of school at least twice a week for an hour and a half.

For us, all that is important is to exercise twice a week, be present in class and do for yourself and for your health, as much as you think you can!

The assessment of ability and progress is solely in relation to yourself and not in comparison to the rest of the class.