The science of physics deals with the study of the natural world from large to small, from the particles that make up the materials to the structure of the universe. Physicists are engaged in the search for answers to questions about the fundamental laws of nature: What are the building blocks of matter? What are the laws that apply to them? When was the universe created? How much material is in it? In the physics course we will touch on these questions and many others.

The physics curriculum includes four chapters:
Mechanics, Electromagnetics, Radiation and Matter and Lab work which is an integral part of the physics subject. The experiment enables the knowledge of the theory and its principles in an experiential and active way.
As in all the sciences, students begin studies in 7th grade and can choose to enhance their knowledge and study in the physics major in high school. 
The studies in the physics major are excellent preparation for higher studies in engineering, natural sciences, computers and medicine as well as preparation for military service in technological units.