Curriculum – 11th grade

Educational goal – a unit and a half of matriculation in Yiddish and its literature


  1. Yiddish Shabbat – at the end of learning about Shabbat in literature and folklore, there is a joint Yiddish Shabbat
  2. Children’s books – the students prepare books as a grammar application (eg


III. Visiting places – exhibitions relevant to the material being studied, theater performances, etc.


Study subjects: each subject is studied for about a month and a half and there is a test on it.


  1. Biographies of Yiddish writers – each student must write a biography about a writer and present it orally in class along with a piece of literature. The students are tested for this in matriculation.
  2. Hospitality

Texts to read (edited passages)

  • Der Dibok – Ansky
  • Hasidish – Y. L. Peretz
  • Di Megillah – A. Manger
  • Songs – K. Maladovsky
  • Tevia the milker/Story – Shalom Aleichem
  • Holocaust poems – various writers/Mordechai Gebirtig

Matriculation (2 pt.)

By heart – Mordechai Gebirtig’s songs + conversation (1 pt.)

In writing – literature + grammar (1 pt.)

Educational goals:

  • Knowledge of all tenses + modes
  • Reading and translating literary pieces
  • Idiomatic expressions
  • Connection
  • conversation

Curriculum – 12th grade

This year’s big project is a play based on a book processed and presented by the students.

Repetition and deepening of the grammatical and linguistic material of the previous three years by editing a Yiddish-Hebrew/Hebrew-Yiddish dialogue. The conversation will include basic sentences for conducting a conversation in all areas of life.