The school curriculum is enriched with special activities around holidays, sports events, art days, interdisciplinary theme days, nature trips and experiential educational tours. A wide variety of experiences that accompany learning in the classroom, allows our students to build their world and enrich it. The school has a dynamic student council of students from grades 7-12, a tradition of a general assembly that allows the involvement of the students in making decisions concerning the day-to-day life of the school. In the middle school, there are elective classes in ecological art, sign language, psychology and more. Girls 10-12 are invited to participate in Dvash, a weekly beit midrash for the sake of learning torah with no grades or exams. The beit midrash is accompanied by the school Rabbi. In addition to the activities inside the school, many girls participate in social activities outside the school in the youth movements, debate and theater groups and more.