Sophie Pfeffer


Sophie Pfeffer is the principal of the junior and high school.
She taught at Pelech for many years prior to becoming principal. Sophie was a fellow at the Mandel Leadership Institute and a graduate of the Avney Rosha training program for principals. She has taught at Midreshet Lindenbaum and Matan.
She holds degrees in bible studies and art history from the Hebrew University and is a Pelech graduate.

Efrat Koslowsky

Principal of the High School

Efrat has been at Pelech since 2010, as a homeroom teacher and teaching tanach. She has  a BA in mathematics and Israel studies and an MA in Tanach and commentary from Matan and the University of Haifa. Efrat is married and a mother of 5.

Yaara Kaufman

Principal of the Junior High

Yaara is a Pelech graduate. She returned to teach at Pelech and has been principal since 2020. Yaara has been a history and civics teacher, a homeroom teacher, vice principal and social events coordinator.
She holds a BA and MA in Israel studies from Bar Ilan University.

Ephrat Gal

Pedagogical Coordinator

Ephrat is a Pelech graduate. She returned to teach at Pelech and now teaches history and Tanach in addition to being pedagogical coordinator.
She holds a BA in history and bible from Hebrew University, a teaching certificate from Kerem, and an MA in Tanach education from Herzog.
Ephrat lives in Alon and is married with four children.

Uria Shmelzer

Chief Administrator

Uria is a graduate of the Maalot and Siach Tzedek Yeshivas, and holds a BA in education from Herzog, and an MA in sociology of education from Hebrew University.
He has worked as an administrator at the school as well as a teacher of Tanach and Talmud since 2007.
In addition, he is active at Harav Shagar Publishing.

Moran Shtal

Social Coordinator and vice principal

Moran is a teacher of physical education, biology and homeroom teacher.
She has a BA in physical education from Givat Washington college and an MA in Science Education from Bar Ilan university.

Rachel Tzur

founder and first principal of the junior high school

Rachel Tzur is the founder and first principal of the junior high school, which opened in 2011.

Rachel is a Pelech graduate and returned as a teacher. She has been an educator and vice principal for many years, before founding and heading the Pelech junior high. Rachel holds a BA and MA in education and art history from the Hebrew University.

Rona Atlas

Outreach and Community

Rona teaches history and writing in the Junior high school and is the social events coordinator.  Rona has been at Pelech since 2010 in various roles as part of the administrative and educational team. She has a BA in Jewish history and an MA in Jewish Education both from the Hebrew University,

Chana Rubinstein


Ayelet Segal

School Rabbi

Ayelet is a Pelech graduate and the mother of a Pelech graduate.
A rabbinic claimant (To’enet Rabanit), has represented women who are denied a divorce and Agunot in the rabbinic courts, advises couples on prenuptial agreements to prevent divorce denials and is active in various frameworks to promote solutions in these issues.
Has a PhD in Talmud from Bar-Ilan University and is a  lecturer there.
She is a graduate of the Talmudic Institute in Matan and the ‘Halchata’ program – a six-year program for advanced halachic studies, in Matan.
A member of the Beit Hillel rabbinic organization – attentive rabbinical leadership.

Shirli Assaf

High School Counselor

Tal Cohen

Junior High Counselor

Has a BA in psychology and political science from Bar Ilan university and an MA in educational guidance from the Hebrew University. Studied at Migdal Oz womans Beit Midrash. Tal is married and is a mother of 5 children.

Sarit Prins

High School Counselor