The curriculum in Talmud was formulated by the school’s teaching staff. It includes professional goals alongside educational-value goals. Each year, another layer is built of acquiring tools, expanding knowledge, understanding and deepening, while progressing towards the overarching goal of the profession – a love of learning while increasing Involvement in the heritage of Sages, its content and values.

Each matriculation unit as part of the studies includes between 6-8 pages of Gemara, theoretical extensions and additions, first and last commentators, scientific articles and explanations of key words and concepts. The school's teachers combine diverse teaching methods -  First and last commentators' books are used alongside Aramaic dictionaries and research articles and create an interesting and advanced study experience. 

The nature of the enhanced track differs from the regular track both in the scope of the pages the students study, and in the more in-depth prism in which each issue is discussed. The program provides the tools for self-study and the ability to begin navigating the breadth and depth of the sea of knowledge and the literature of sages.

The Gemara in-depth program brings the girls together in important religious issues such as: the authority of sages to amend regulations and interpret the Torah verses differently from a simple one, the relationship of the changing reality to the religious world, and more.